Laos Tourist Visa: Where to get?

Except for citizens of ASEAN member countries, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, and Russia (with valid ordinary passports) are exempted from Lao visa for 15-30 days, other citizens are required to obtain Laos visa to enter the country. The question which seems easy but hard to say is where we should get the visa? Each one has its own strengths, so let’s see what your best choice is.

Laos Tourist Visa

1. Visa at the embassy: If you plan to visit Laos, and want to make sure everything settled down before your departure, you should consider this type which the Lao visa stamped on your passport before heading out. The essential factor is you live near a Lao embassy or consulate or at least easy and convenient to reach them. It might take 3-5 working days for visa processing after you submit the needed documents.
It is recommended you further check with the embassy the possibility of your case before you proceed to avoid frustration and time wasting.

2. Visa on arrival: It is definitely the solution for those who are tight on time, health, and live far from Lao embassies/consulates is getting visa on arrival.

A visa on arrival is usually for tourist purpose, stay within 30 days with a single entry and must be used within 2 months from the date of issue.

The type of visa is available at Lao international airports and landing border crossing point with Thailand, Viet Nam, and Cambodia.

After you arrive the Lao border/airport, just following below simple procedure to get the visa on arrival:

Step 1: Get visa application form from visa on arrival booth, and fill all required information.

Step 2: Present the fulfilled form, together with photos and visa fee to the official and wait until be called.

Kindly be noticed that, if you come after 4:00PM on working days, on weekends or Lao public holiday, you have to pay over-time fees. All the fees are best paid in US dollars. Paying in other currencies will cost you more.

Step 3: Receive your passport back from the official when you’re called.

Normally, you also get the the immigration stamp as soon as you take the passport back, therefore, no need to stand in line again at the immigration windows. However, it is a good practice to carefully check passports to make sure everything is in order before leaving.

Overall, wherever you choose how to apply Lao visa, consider your conditions and it is better to check if you’re eligible.

Luang Prabang to Dien Bien Phu border crossing

The local mini bus from LP to Dien Bien Phu leaves daily between 6h30 and 7h00. It is a long journey but much cheaper than the Hanoi sleeper bus. The journey was a little rough and the driver stopped every 10 minutes or so picking up random passengers, packages and parcels which he delivered to make some extra money. Everyone stops about 2hrs in and gets breakfast/lunch – the driver persists on getting to his destination on time so bring food and water!

Luang Prabang to Dien Bien Phu border crossing

Near the end of the trip you will be forced to pay an exit tax which costs nothing really. The official border crossing is in the middle of nowhere. There are guards dressed up quite seriously but they have a sense of humor. They tried to do a little exchange of their VDN for our KIP. It is nothing serious at all, I felt a little alert as I was nakered from the journey but it’s just a matter of stamping and proof of identification. We arrived late evening and demanded to be dropped at the bus station where we could arrange another bus to Sapa for the following morning.

We stayed the night in Dien Bien Phu which cost 300,000 VDN. It was a little pricey but after the long haul it was well needed and was just a stones throw from the bus station. Surprisingly there were many guesthouses / hostels / hotels around the bus station, which I am sure will cater to every budget. Dien Bien Phu isn’t somewhere I’d advise people to go see, it’s boring and the people are quite aggressive.

How to get a Vietnamese visa in Luang Prabang

Numerous individuals assume it is difficult to orchestrate a Vietnamese visa while in Luang Prabang however I am here to let you know it is a long way from the wonderful truth! In the event that you are anticipating going by Vietnam it is essential to know the 2 choices accessible

1) A prearranged visa for both flying or at area fringe intersections from a government office, a department or a travel organization.

Luang Prabang Vietnamese consulate

2) A regard letter on the off chance that you are flying into any of the 3 worldwide air terminals – Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh or Da Nang. This approbation letter is required to show to the air terminal authorities when you arrive at any of the over 3 airplane terminals. In the wake of demonstrating this you will be stamped and let into the excellent Vietnam! I would reccommend as it is controlled by the administration in Vietnam. Check the site for charges. There is a standard transforming expense – and a stamping charge of $45 for everybody. I am certain you could request an endorsement letter at a Vietnamese office or an international safe haven yet why not simply sort out the visa in the event that you are going to require significant investment to go there.

For huge numbers of us explorers, flying is excessively costly and we fall back on a long transport venture. Numerous individuals head straight from Luang Prabang to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. At the same time I am going to set out on an alternate course which will present to me the distance up to the delectable heaps of Sapa. I would not like to need to twofold circle myself with going to Hanoi to need to recover a transport to Sapa and down once more. It doesn’t bode well espiecally when I am attempting to plan travel. So I will require a pre– masterminded visa for the verifiable Dien Bien Phu area fringe crossing where Vietnam legitimately won back their autonomy from the French in 1954.

Laos visa – What you should know ?

Nowadays, Laos Government has open door policy for tourists and getting Lao visas is much easier than before. Beside the traditional way to get the visa at Embassy or Consulates, travelers can now apply visa upon arrival at three international airports in Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse, and at various land borders with other neighbor countries (Thailand, Vietnam and China).

The former way is sometimes more preferred sine visa is all set and no worry upon arrival. It saves time from long queue at the airport, especially during holidays. To get Lao visa before arrival, contact the nearest Embassy/Consulate in your country for the procedure and the fees.

Tourist visa on arrival is normally valid for 30 days. The compulsory documents you need to prepare are your passport valid for at least 6 months and 1 empty page for visa stamp; visa application form, 2 photos passport-sized, and visa fee (USD 30-45). If you wish to get the longer visa, you should obtain the visa at Embassy/Consulate.

Besides getting the visa at 3 international airports, the tourist can obtain the visa at 9 crossing borders with Thailand, Viet Nam and China.

Border between Thailand and Laos

  • Nongkhai Friendship Bridge
  • Chiang Khong / Huay Xai
  • Xayabouly / Nam Heuang Friendship Bridge
  • Friendship Bridge II at Mukdahan / Suvannakhet
  • Chongmek / Champassak

Border between Vietnam and Laos

  • Nam Kanh / Nong Haet in Xieng Khouang Province
  • Kao Cheo / Nam Phao
  • Lao Bao / Dene Savanh Savannakhet Province

Border between China and Laos

  • China – Mohan / Boten (Luang Namtha)

Vietnam visa – What you should know ?

Visa on arrival Laos by Mekong Delta Travel

Laos Visa – Visa on arrival Laos. Lao travel visa: We can arrange your visa in two ways: Visa receiving from Laos Embassy abroad or Visa receiving on arrival.

I. Get your visa stamp at Embassies & General Consulates of Lao No of customers Obtain visa in Europe Obtain visa in Asia

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Foreign Embassies In Laos

Since 1975 Lao government had established more relationship with many countries around the world. As a result there are more foreign embassies open the door for business in the capital city Vientiane.

If you are travelling to Laos and need to contact your own embassy for passport or visa you can find the list of foreign embassies in laos below:

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Extending a Laos visa

In the event that you need to stay longer in Laos you can extend your visa by submitting an application through a tour agency or Lao’s Immigration Office in Vientiane. You should apply to extend your visa before the expire date. Foreigners who overstay in Laos will be fined $5 for each day of overstay before leaving the country.

A tourist visa is usually issued for a single entry for a period of 30 days and multiple entry visas are available from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All others visa or immigration related inquiry should be directed towards your local Laos Embassy or consulate near you.

Visa on arrival Prices

If you arrive in Laos without a visa, you can apply for a 30 days visa on arrival at all ports of entry in Laos including the most popular three international airports of Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse. You will need two passport size photographs and pay visa’s fee.

The cost of Laos visa on arrival is varied depend on what country you are coming from. You can view the price list is on display at the visa application window.

Here are few sample of visa cost, if you are from USA, UK and European the fee is $US35.00, Canada $US42.00, Sweden $US31.00, Australia and other countries is $US30.00. All visa’s fee are payable in Us dollars, you can also pay in Thai bath but it will cost you more. For full detail please check with each port of entry.